VR Virtual Reconstruction


cropped-054.jpgIn collaboration with LITHODOMOS VR, Landimension Travel

is now offering it’s Segway Tours of Rome, with this amazing new line of virtual reconstructions of Ancient Rome.

The new product is been considered scientifically correct and created by a team of researchers, archeologists and software developers coordinated by Simon Young from Australia. The project started in 2016, and this year 2018, we of Landimension Travel, decided to integrate the VR visualization for our tours on segway as a first test without extra cost to our customers. The feed back went far beyond our expectations.  People got even more enthousiasts than usual and loved it!  Other than Rome, Lithodomos VR is now expanding in many other Cities of Art among which Barcelona, Athens and Jerusalem. Therefor Landimension Travel decided to expand too and integrate the VR in other tours and not only on segway tours. Don’t waste more time and book your Segway Tour with us! Segway Tour with us! 

Be among the first to discover Rome VR!

rome colossal

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