Rome Segway Tours Collection


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 Grazie Mille!
Join us on one of our Roma segway tour and roll the streets cruising Ancient, Middle Age and Renaissance Rome, visiting some of the most beautiful piazzas and characteristic alleys, stopping to sample authentic enogastronomic delicaties, listening fun anecdotes and ghost stories discovering some of the city’s hidden gems and you help save the environment riding eco-friendly vehicles.

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2 hr Tour:  Trastevere Express  

Trastevere express tour
A great opportunity to test your skills with a ninebot tour or on a segway and discover Trastevere. The most characteristic neighborhood of Rome with its little alleys, typical “Trattorias” and deep ties to the past with paganism, judaism and christianity.


2 hrs Tour:  Ancient Rome

Visit some of the most significant monuments in Roman history, let us guide through Rome’s past, Ancient, the Middle Ages & the Renaissance. Over the Aventine hill through the Orange Trees Garden with superb panoramic view, than to the Knights Templars of Malta Square to peek through the Key Hole, Circus Maximus,  Mouth Of True,  Campidoglio over the Capitoline hill,  Imperial Road and finally Coliseum.

3 hrs Tour: Rome Highlights

Castel Sant'Angelo
Rome’s most significant Squares and Fountains in one unforgettable experience. Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Ara Pacis, St. Peter’s Square ( Vatican State ) , St. Angelo’s Castle, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, Largo Argentina, Piazza venezia, Coliseum.

3 hrs Tour:  Rome by Night

Rome by Night
See Rome lit up at night, the shadows of it’s monuments, the quiet alleys and the buzz of the lively busy night-life. This itinerary is customised by the tour leader according to what you have or haven’t seen at the time of your tour. Most of Rome’s sites are to be seen. This tour can be customised to accommodate what you have not seen.

Rome in a day
Make sure you see all the highlights of Rome in just a day. From the Colisseum to the Squares and Fountains. Stop for lunch in a selected trattoria.